Dr Amina Ahmed

“I have always wanted to be a doctor, and to be accepted to study medicine felt like a blessing and a gift.”

I returned to Yorkshire, having graduated in 2001. I followed some interests in the different specialities of medicine for a number of years, before deciding to become a GP. It was during my GP training that I married and had my first son. I successfully becoming a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2010, when my son was only two years old.

The following year, in 2011, my life changed forever. I was diagnosed with cancer, whilst seven months pregnant with my second child, and informed that the outlook was not good: that I did not have long to live. I was started on chemotherapy treatment immediately and a year later I had to undergo a lifesaving operation in which my actual stomach was removed. Two surgeries later and I am on the better side of my battles, striving to push forward and live the best life I can whilst advising others to do the same.

What did I learn through all of this?

  • There is no time like now
  • Live your life to the full
  • Love your life: Enjoy your life
  • Look after yourself, both on the inside and out
  • Look Good: Feel Good

It is from this experience that I want to help other people achieve their goals, to be happy with themselves and to lead a happier life.

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