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Laser Hair Removal

Everybody has unwanted hair on their body

With so many options out there that are not only ineffective but sometimes dangerous.Here at Skin Britannia we are proud to use a medical grade powerful and safe laser machine. Laser hair removal can seem a minefield of information, possibilities and promises.

Unfortunately, a lot of machines that are used in the market cannot deliver on their promises and take numerous sessions to get results at great expense. At Skin Britannia we have the most powerful medical grade laser hair removal machine that will reduce hair thus requiring less sessions than our competitors. Using a combination of Alexandrite and Diode we are able to treat all skin and hair types within the Fitzpatrick Skin types 1-6 and is the only laser on the market that can treat white hairs.

Our Level 5 trained aesthetician has worked in a number of local beauty salons, and became aware of the unethical practices, she was advised to do to encourage repeat custom.

This includes being asked to use the appropriate laser energies for the first treatment, dropping the energies to an ineffective level for the middle treatments and then raising back to the normal level for the final treatment, for clients who had booked packages of treatment. She was also ask to “stripe” where she would laser one section, leave on and laser another. The effect of these techniques was that clients would return for further treatment as they experiences a partial effect.

Laser hair removal is not our only source of income. We would like to treat clients to such an effective level, that we build a trusting relationship sufficient that you return to us for the other treatments we offer, and recommend us to your friends and contacts.

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