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Medical Eyelash Growth and Enhancement

There has been a recent surge in the demand to have thicker longer eye lashes. There are a number of solutions on the market, ranging fake, individual, Russian, to even magnetic eyelashes.

Whilst these solutions can sometimes solve the problem temporarily, not only can they be costly, with having to return for in-fill treatments, but they can also cause problems of their own.

We have seen a corresponding surge in thinning of the eye lashes at the clinic. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Allergy to the glue
  • Clients subconsciously picking the lashes, and hence also pulling them out
  • Infected eyelids, causing hypotrichosis (loss of eye lashes)

What does the eyelash serum do?

The treatment thickens eyelashes, lengthens eyelashes and darkens eye lashes.

Can anyone have this treatment?

As the treatment is a prescription only medication, Dr Amina will review each request case by case and assess whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. A patch test will be done at clinic, and only if you are okay, will you be advised to commence treatment.

Are there any side effects to this treatment?

The eye lid skin close to the eye lashes will become darker, as the blood supply increases and the eye lashes start to grow. There is also a risk of allergy, itching, redness, watery eyes, and discolouration of the iris in light eyes. Further information will be given at consultation and in a consent form, a copy of which will be provided if you opt for this treatment.

How long do the treatment effects last?

Once the eyelashes have grown, they will not shrink back one the treatment ceases. All hair does, however, have a natural life cycle, and so as the eyelashes fall, as they normally would, the eyelashes will grow back to the normal time, unless treatment is continued. The length tends to remain one to four months after stopping treatment, varying from person to person.

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