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Our History

Dr Amina started her career as a doctor in 2001. Always intrigued by the many fields within medicine, Dr Amina decided to gather experience throughout her career in a variety of disciplines.

This has helped her to develop a keen eye for detail and a steady hand.

She has worked in a variety of specialities in a hospitals, including medical, emergency and critical care and finally in the community as general practitioner. 

As a GP, Dr Amina noticed a majority of her patients were coming to see her with skin conditions and realised the psychological impact these conditions were having. This led to her interest in dermatology. Dr Amina followed this up by completing a Diploma in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University. 

Dr Amina's passion for skin grew, as did her list of dermatology patients. She became increasingly aware of the limitations posed by products and treatments available for cosmetic dermatology on the NHS. At the same time, her patients were enquiring whether she offered private cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic treatments.

On researching their enquiries, Dr Amina decided to study further in aesthetics and Skin Britannia was born.

Skin Britannia: Look Good, Feel Good

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