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About our Aestheticians

Our aestheticians are trained to the highest level in their respective fields.  They pride themselves on using the latest advanced techniques, to offer you results outside the realms of our own expectations, with minimal distress.

Our aestheticians attend regular conferences, to learn what is new and the latest techniques, so they can offer you the best results, with the least risk.

In fact, Dr Amina’s clients have admitted to going out that same evening, because they achieved the results, but with little sign of bruising or swelling.

Our Aesthetic Aim

  • Most of us lead hectic lives with full time commitments.
  • We all have ideals of in terms of how we would like to look and feel, and when we can’t achieve this ideal, we feel guilty.
  • Over time this impacts us from the outside as well as the inside.
  • We aim to enhance the natural look, and to halt, or even rewind, the effects of ageing.
  • In doing so, we hope to help you feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside: Skin Britannia: Look good, feel good

Skin Britannia: Look Good, Feel Good

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